Our Products:

· Struts
· Armrests
· Stairs
· Fences


· Industrial welding

Services offered:

· Welding with argon gas has a non-corrosive and particularly smooth and strong weld.

· We weld aluminum, stainless steel, black metal in an argon environment

· We proceed according to the drawings provided by the customer and if there is a request from the materials prepared by the customer.

· We process from the following materials: steel sheet of various thickness (1.5 – 10 m), angles of different profiles, pipes, rods and other configurations of thickness and thickness.

· We provide a 2 year warranty

· We are VAT payers, so we issue invoices to businesses and individuals

· We can weld and implement a wide range of products and orders. We produce most of our orders in our premises in Raseiniai, Lithuania.

· We not only weld, but also perform the product seam grinding, polishing, which gives the products an attractive appearance and a pleasant eye view.